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Indira’s work centres on breastfeeding as a clinician, educator and researcher.

She is a part-time Post Graduate Research student currently doing Doctoral studies within the Mother, Infant and Child Health research group (MIRU) in the School of Health Sciences. Her PhD examines breastfeeding education for Healthcare providers (HCPs), the interplay between learning needs and motivation. This is funded by the Central London Community Healthcare Trust (CLCH) and the Centre for Breastfeeding Education and Research. Her supervisors are Dr. Alison McFadden, Dr. Joan Cameron and Dr. Camila Biazus-Dalcin.

As a clinician International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), she has led the NHS Specialist Breastfeeding Clinic (CLCH) for complex breastfeeding dyads for the past 6 consecutive years. 

As the Director of the Centre for Breastfeeding Education and Research, she created 13 years ago the Breastfeeding London Course, a 1 year-long international in-depth training course (in-person, online and hybrid) for HCPs who want to become IBCLCs.