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I began work with Dundee University in 2023 and my background is as a registered mental health nurse. In practice, I worked with people experiencing problematic substance use, often in the third sector. Like many, I joined the nursing profession later in life. Best thing I ever did!

I am also an early career researcher, having completed my PhD with Stirling University in 2021. It was titled “A qualitative exploration of the nature of the medical model in self-management of mental illness: navigating paradoxes and forfeits”. During my PhD I worked on several research studies, most in the substance use field. I also worked as the Research Coordinator of the Drugs Research Network Scotland, where I helped a wide range of people to get involved in substance use research.

My key areas of interest include self-management of long-term challenges especially mental ill-health, substance use support and treatment, lived/living experience inclusion in care and/or research, Mad/Disability Studies, and diversity and inclusion in HE.