George Njoroge

PhD student

Centre for Water Law, Policy and Science, Energy Environment and Society

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Enhancing water security under increasingly uncertain climatic futures: innovative interdisciplinary approaches connecting practices and cultures in the drylands   

Supervisors: Professor John Rowan and Dr Irena Connon

Project Dates: 19 October 2022 – 18 October 2026

George Njoroge, Hydro Nation Scholar at University of Dundee  

Water security is a global development challenge which is increasingly compounded by climate change by increasing the occurrence of adverse hydrological extremes that intensify water scarcity. Water resource protection is thus central to sustainable water supply management for human well-being and for the ecological ecosystem to flourish. However, climate risk response models for water resources remain underexplored and under-theorized, and hence a substantial knowledge gap exists on adaptation strategies and measures, especially in the developing world. 

George’s interdisciplinary PhD research project will use ethnographic and participatory methods to examine how climate change and risk-based approaches have been built into water resource management, aiming to recommend the most appropriate measures for delivering water security in ways that are inclusive and sensitive to the livelihoods and cultures of the dryland communities.

The study responds to the demand for more robust evidence for adapting water resources with growing concerns about water security, confronted by an increasingly uncertain and dangerous climate future. The study contributes to the climate change discourse at a time when adaptation is gaining traction in the UNFCCC COP, with the resolutions emerging from the COP 27 held in November 2022 underscoring the need to: “Protect, conserve and restore water and water-related ecosystems, including river basins, aquifers, and lakes, and urges Parties to further integrate water into adaptation efforts”