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Dumitru Trucu obtained his PhD in Applied Mathematics in June 2009 from the University of Leeds. He was fully supported by a three-year Marie Currie Research Fellowship, which was awarded by the European Commission – Research, 10 July 2006 to 09 July 2009.

He moved to the University of Dundee for a five-year Postdoctoral Research Assistant position under the supervision of Professor Mark A. J. Chaplain in September 2009. He was employed on the ERC AdG Grant 227619 “From Mutations to Metastases: Multiscale Mathematical Modelling of Cancer Growth and Spread”.

In September 2012, he took up a permanent position of Lecturer in Mathematics at the University of Dundee.

Dumitru's role within the school is RPG Lead for Mathematics.


His current main research interest is focused on the development of a novel multiscale computational modelling and analytical framework for cancer cell invasion of human tissue.

Acknowledged as one of the so-called “hallmarks of cancer”, cancer invasion of tissue is a very complex process that plays a key part in the growth and spread of cancer in the surrounding tissue, culminating in the metastatic spreading stage that gives rise to the growth of secondary cancers.

This research project combines the establishment of a novel computational modelling framework with clinical data calibration (involving inverse problems) to develop a multiscale model that aggregates several spatial and temporal scales occurring in the processes implicated in the cancer invasion of tissue.

Involving extensive functional and numerical analysis for PDEs, this work includes a major theoretical research direction that aims to create an analytical framework for assessing a wide variety of three-scale dynamics occurring not only in the context of this computational modelling of cancer invasion but also in other multiscale processes in general heterogeneous media.

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