Denise Jackson

Head of Mediation and Dispute Resolution

Secretariat, Academic and Corporate Governance

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I moved into my role in the University as Deputy Director of the Library and Learning Centre in 2005, having previously worked as an Academic Liaison Librarian both here in Dundee and also in Lancashire.   I am a ‘people person’ and many of my roles over the years have involved staff management/employee relations matters as well as working closely with academic staff and students on Library service enhancement issues.  I found very early on in my career that face-to-face communication with people (usually over a coffee!) was by far the best way to talk and discuss issues/problems. 

I am one of the University’s trained Complaints Investigators and also am often requested to sit on Grievance and Disciplinary Panels across the University.   My interest in joining the Early Dispute Resolution Team was borne out of this part of my work in the University - when I felt that possibly some situations may have been resolved earlier, by a ‘sit-down’ of both parties with a trained mediator. I trained with the Mediation Partnership in Summer 2017 and am registered with the Scottish Mediation Network. I do believe that mediation is an excellent opportunity for people who find themselves in difficult situations at work to be able to talk openly and confidentially with each other, with the support of mediators.