Dr David Edwards

Senior Lecturer

Dentistry, School of Dentistry

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  • 1993 - PhD, "The Role of Murein Hydrolases in the Cell Division of E.coli." Molecular Biology Dept., University of Edinburgh.
  • 1993-97 - Research Associate, Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford Research project: Prof. J Errington's research group. "Division site control in Bacillus subtilis."
  • 1997-00 - Max Plank Research Fellow, MPI f. Entwicklungsbiologie, Tuebingen, Germany. Section of Prof. J. Holtje. "Subcellular localisation of cell division proteins in B.subtilis."
  • 2000-06 - University of Dundee, Pathology & Neuroscience, Medical School, Lecturer.
  • 2006- - University of Dundee, Clinical Dental Sciences, Dental School, Senior Lecturer.


Research; Prokaryotic cell cycle and development of antimicrobial strategies. My background as molecular biologist has been involved in investigating cell wall synthesis during the growth of both Gram-negative and Gram-positive rod-shaped microorganisms. Key discoveries include the identification of the target for Bulgecin (1992), the identification & investigation of the topological specifier of cell division in B.subtilis (DivIVA) (1997-2006), and the use of a synthetic lethal screen to uncover the role of GpsB in relocation of the cell wall synthesis machinery during the cell cycle (2006-2010).

Current research topics in the laboratory include:

  • Modelling the cell cycle & infectivity of the Periodontal pathogen Fusobacterium nucleatum.
  • Investigating the role of a SNF-2 related DNA helicase proteins in the regulation of chromosome partition in a model microorganism (Collaborator; Prof. Tom Owen-Hughes, CLS, UoD).
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Current administrative role

  • 2nd BDS year lead. (Previously 1st BDS Exam Convenor, & 2nd BDS Exam Convenor.)

Teaching contributions

1st BDS

  • Lead & lecturer for the Microbiology component of CDS Module.
  • Responsible for course design, preparation, delivery & monitoring.

2nd BDS

  • Lead & lecturer for the Microbiology Module, responsible for course design, preparation, & monitoring.
  • Lecturer on Endemic Oral Disease, Oral Biology and Caries A&E modules, responsible for design, preparation, delivery & examining.

1st, 2nd, & 3rd BDS

  • Cleanliness Champions, Infection control & Decontamination.
  • Supervision, mentoring & examination duties.


  • Lead & Lecturer on Oral Health Sciences Microbiology module.
  • Design, preparation, delivery & examining.


  • Lecturer contributing to 1st year Module "Skin".
  • Lecture delivery.
  • SSC Module organizer (2nd & 3rd year); "Microbial Pathogenesis & Resistance".
  • Responsible for course design, delivery, assessment.

BSc (Hons)

  • Supervision of Honours Projects for Environmental & Applied Biology Degree Board, Molecular Microbiology Speciality.


  • Lecturer on Masters by research in Cancer Biology course.
  • Delivery of "Proakaryotes & Cancer" Lecturer & Molecular Biology Practical Class.


  • Project supervision of Masters students investigating "Novel antimicrobial restorative materials."

External examining duties

  • Current external examiner for Newcastle University; Molecular Biology MSc.
  • Previous PhD examiner for Newcastle University, Sheffield University, University of Sydney, University of Dundee & University of Karachi.

Second supervisor