Claire Cunningham

Technical Supervisor

Dentistry, School of Dentistry

Claire Cunningham
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In 2014, Claire graduated from University of Dundee with a BSc in Forensic Anthropology. Following graduation, she spent time demonstrating gross anatomy, histology and neuroanatomy before taking up the post of Mortuary Technician with in CAHID. In her role, she is responsible for the smooth running and maintenance of the mortuary.

As the Mortuary Technician Claire’s main responsibilities are Thiel embalming and cadaver preparation/maintenance.

Her other responsibilities include:

  • Equipment maintenance and PAT of electrical appliances in the department.
  • Cadaver transports.
  • Helping with external courses.
  • Working with the x-ray machine following training as a Radiation Protection Supervisor.
  • Aiding in student projects.
  • Giving tours/ public engagement.
  • Fire warden and first aider for the Mortuary
  • Pecos ordering of consumables, embalming chemicals and equipment.
  • Maintaining health and safety documentation.
  • Maintenance of potted anatomical specimens in the anatomy museum.
  • Working with Estates and buildings regarding matters in the Mortuary.
  • General day to day running, cleanliness and up-keep of the Mortuary.
  • As part of the Anatomical techniques module, Claire trains masters students on the Thiel embalming process.

In 2017 Claire attended a 3 day course on public engagement with the Alan Alda group. Since then she has been involved in a number of public engagement projects one of which was the ‘Anatomy Nights’ event in Dundee. This was part of a nationwide event aimed at increasing the public’s awareness of anatomy.

Alongside her role, she is investigating the effect of Thiel embalming on brain tissue, and looking to optimise the process.

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