Dr Chunhui Li


Engineering, School of Science and Engineering

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    Dr Chunhui Li was awarded a BEng in Precision Instrumentation from the Tianjin University, China, and later received her MSc and PhD in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of Dundee.

    In 2013, Chunhui joined the University of Dundee as a postdoctoral research assistant in Department of Medicine, and then, as a lecturer in Science and Engineering in 2015.

    Chunhui is currently the programme director of MSc Biomedical Engineering and Medical imaging. She is also a lecturer of Mechanical Engineering.


    Chunhui’s main research interests are in photonics and ultrasound systems in biomedical applications. Currently, Chunhui’s team is focusing on functional optical imaging using coherence gating (OCT) development for tissue stiffness and microvascular mapping. Chunhui’s has more than 20 research papers with the characterisation of materials, especially the soft tissues to aid cancer research, diagnosis and treatment.

    Chunhui is also interested in:

    • photoacoustic imaging
    • optical biopsy and functional imaging in tissue engineering
    • elastography: surface acoustic wave elastography and shear wave elastography.
    • imaging systems operation in optics, ultrasonics and MRI.
    • analogue and digital electro-techniques.
    • biomedical optics, including high energy laser pulse system, interferometer and optical coherence tomography