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Design and Making, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design

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Christine Kingsley graduated with a first class Bachelor of Design Degree in 1995, a Masters in 1996 and completed a Research Residency in 1998 at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design. For more than a decade she has been unravelling the design process to students and tangled up in it through teaching and learning and research activity and looks set to continue for at least another decade.  With a keen interest in visual communication and storytelling, her interests lie in Co-design, questioning how design facilitates change in people, transforms communities and moves between subject specific domains to a transdisciplinary plane.

Christine Kingsley has taught at undergraduate and post-graduate levels since 1996.  Underpinning research and pedagogy is a progressive and social constructivist philosophy of education, exhibited in the research projects undertaken and socially motivated curriculum developed for the Design Studies Programme (DSP).

Underpinning the DSP educational experience at DJCAD, is participation and immersion in team learning and community initiatives inside and outside the design studio-learning environment. Students confront the complexity of roles a 21st Century design graduate requires in skills and attributes from the first assignment of their degree course. The DSP maxim, "good studentship leads to good citizenship" is continually tested in real world situations as students face the bigger picture context of where their design philosophy and skills will fit and add value to the economy, sustain a life for them and increase their well-being in the process.


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Commendation for Engagement Project of the Year 2023