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Cameron is Head of Architecture and Urban Planning and a member of the School of Social Sciences management group. An architect by training he began his academic career as studio tutor with the University of Dundee more than 20 years ago and has taught at all levels across the five year MArch course.

Additionally Cameron leads on Internationalisation responsibilities and has been actively involved in co-ordinating and developing new collaborations and opportunities in China, Hong Kong, India and Malaysia and also led on the creation of a unique joint Architecture Studies programme with Wuhan University, Hubei, China.

Following completion of his architectural studies in London, Cameron held senior positions within private architectural practices in London and Edinburgh for a number of years and has been involved with a variety of scales of projects in housing, retail, leisure and urban redevelopment throughout the U.K. He has also been involved with groups of artists and designers on exhibitions, community art projects and collective proposals for international architectural competitions.

Cameron has contributed for more than 10 years to the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) as Validation Board member acting as Chair for Visiting Boards within the UK and internationally, and also as External Examiner to the Architects Registration Board (ARB).


Cameron contributes to teaching within the Part 1 and Part 2 design studio at University of Dundee and also contributes to the management and teaching of our Architectural Studies collaboration at Wuhan University, Hubei, China.