Professor Antony Black

Energy Environment and Society, School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law

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Tony Black is emeritus professor in the History of Political Thought. He has published a comparative study of the political thought of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Iran, India, Israel, China, Greece and Rome (2009). He has also made a comparative study of the political thought in the West and in the Muslim-ruled world from their origins to the present (2008). Before that he wrote a complete history of Islamic political thought (2001). Previously, he worked on medieval and early modern European political thought, and on theories of community.


Professor Black is pioneering a comparative approach to political thought in the world today with special reference to the West, Islam and China.

Suggested Areas for Postgraduate Supervision

  • Comparative political thought (comparing cultures in a historical context)
  • The history of political thought in medieval and early modern Europe
  • Islamic political thought