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Alan Mackie, PhD, is a lecturer on the Community Education team at the University of Dundee, joining the team in November 2020.

Alan worked in the field of community education for over a decade prior to the move into academia. He primarily worked with marginalised young people in a variety of areas – homelessness, mental health and employability to name a few. Alan completed his BA (Hons) in Community Education at Moray House in 2011 before returning to academia in 2014 where he completed his MSc in Educational Research Methodologies. He was successful in gaining an ESRC scholarship which allowed him to undertake his PhD looking at issues of social justice impacting on young people in one community in Scotland and the youth work response to these issues. You can find this here.

Alan has worked on a variety of research projects including the Horizon 2020 project researching post-school transitions among young marginalised people across the EU which can be found here.

Alan has a specific interest in the sociology of youth and how this can inform our educational work with young people. He is also interested in issues around social justice, class, intersectionality and is currently working on a project to analyse young people’s orientations to the future in the aftermath of the global pandemic.

You can find some of Alan’s writing at his blog here.