Dundee Parkinson's Research Campaign

We know that we are capable of taking leaps forward in our quest to develop new treatments for Parkinson’s disease but we need your help

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With your help we can speed up progress toward the discovery of new treatments for people living with Parkinson’s.

We want to make Dundee the global centre for Parkinson’s research. Large parts of the puzzle - respected experts, state-of-the-art facilities, established links with charitable foundations and pharma - are already in place. But while we have made significant steps, we know that we are capable of taking leaps forward in our quest to develop new treatments for Parkinson’s disease.

But for that to happen we need your help. Parkinson’s has not given up its secrets easily, but our experts have a proven track record of success in making breakthroughs that could lead to even bigger discoveries. We have the people, the commitment and the determination to make a difference, but we need to keep attracting the brightest minds and purchasing the latest technology if we do not want to waste this potential.

Our team works with people living with Parkinson’s every day. They inspire us and motivate us to do what we do. But we want to do more, and that is why we turn to you. Together we have the potential to transform lives now and for years to come.

You can support the Dundee Parkinson’s Campaign by making a donation online. You can also extend your support by setting up a monthly, quarterly or annual Direct Debit online (ensuring you select "Parkinson’s Campaign" from the drop-down menu).

Professor Dario Alessi

Dario Alessi

Professor Alessi’s work with LRRK2 focuses on understanding how the gene functions and mutates, leading to Parkinson’s disease

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Professor Miratul Muqit

Miratul Muqit

Professor Miratul Muqit's work at Dundee has revolutionised the way Parkinson’s disease is studied

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Dr Esther Sammler

Dr Esther Sammler

While scientists at the University of Dundee conduct ground-breaking research into Parkinson’s disease, transferring that knowledge into the real world is equally important

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Dr Andy Howden

Dr Andy Howden

The quest to develop treatments for Parkinson’s disease is a source of passion for everyone involved with the Dundee Parkinson’s Research Campaign, but for one member of that team the battle is especially personal

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Dr Tom Gilbertson

Dr Tom Gilbertson

After completing his clinical training in Medicine in London, Dr Gilbertson made the move home to Dundee where he completed his Neurology training and where he has established himself at the forefront of Parkinson’s treatment

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