Introduction to Electrical Power and the Grid module (RE32002)

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This module will help you to become an engineer with competent understanding of ac electrical power, electromechanical energy conversion to be able to work in the renewable electrical power generation and distribution industries.

After completing this module you will be able to:

Review the basic of ac concepts, three phase systems, apparent power and reactive power.

  • Know about electrical energy production, conventional and renewable approaches, energy sources that are used for electrical generation. Also, power system operation and matching of supply and demand, energy trading.
  • Have knowledge of synchronous generator operation, equivalent circuit, phasor diagrams; operation on infinite busbars. Control of real power and frequency, control of reactive power and voltage.
  • Understand basic components of electrical power systems, generation, power transformers, lines and cables, circuit breakers, loads. Representation using single-line diagrams and the per-unit system, steady-state and short circuit analysis. Intermittency of renewable sources.

This module contains lab practical’s that will also help you develop your understanding of the taught elements. Typically, you could work as an engineer in various different roles contained in the energy sector for the GRID for example or renewable energy industries.