Current Issues in Social and Political Psychology module (PY52003)

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In this module, social psychological theory is applied to the understanding of a range of issues affecting our society today. During the class, we will discuss relevant theoretical arguments and research studies that seek to address these issues. The main aim of the module is for you to gain a critical understanding of current socio-political issues in society from a social-psychological perspective, so that you will be able to identify and critically evaluate relevant research and theories that can be applied to solve real societal issues.

Teaching will be delivered via seminars in person (on campus). Some content will be presented by the lecturer, followed by group discussions and other learning activities. The sessions will be interactive, meaning that you can ask questions during the presentations. Some of the topics that will be discussed include:

  • Politicised identities & Collective action
  • Moral foundations
  • Fake news: the spread of misinformation online
  • Dynamics of polarisation
  • Religion & Politics
  • Leadership & social media
  • Political violence


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