Current Issues in Social and Political Psychology module (PY52003)

The advanced study of social and political psychology are core areas of study within BPS accredited Psychology programmes in UK. 

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In this module, we will apply recent theoretical and research advances in social and political psychology to the biggest issues affecting our society today.

You will gain the necessary conceptual tools and skills needed to assess and address large-scale societal issues in systematic, evidence-driven, and ethical ways.

What you will learn

In this module, you will:

  • examine different political identities, collective action, and social change
  • learn how moral values are related to politics
  • consider the spread of "fake news", misinformation, and disinformation online
  • look at the dynamics of polarisation both online and offline
  • see how religion and politics are related
  • discuss leadership in an age of social media
  • study political violence and its impact

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • critically understand core theories, debates, and methodologies in the areas of social and political psychology
  • apply your theoretical and methodological understanding of these topics to current social and political issues in society
  • identify, read, and critically evaluate relevant research within this area
  • articulate cohesive arguments supported by evidence
  • assess research evidence for policy-relevant advice on topical societal issues

Assignments / assessment

  • Coursework assignment 1: written piece due in week 7 (50%)
  • Coursework assignment 2: written piece due in week 12 (50%)

Teaching methods / timetable

  • Seminars (including a mix of content presented by the lecturer and student-led class activities)


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