Non Medical Prescribing module (PN50165)

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To prepare nurses, midwives and specialist/community nurses, physiotherapists, podiatrists, therapeutic radiographers and paramedics to prescribe safely, appropriately, and cost effectively as independent and supplementary prescribers and dieticians to prescribe safely, appropriately, and cost effectively as supplementary prescribers. 


Includes alignment to regulatory bodies approved programme requirements Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) Competency Framework for Prescribing (2016). And also includes:

  • consultation, decision-making and therapy including referral influences on and psychology of prescribing
  • prescribing in a team context / prescribing in the public health context
  • clinical pharmacology including the effects of co-morbidity
  • evidence-based practice and clinical governance in relation to non- medical prescribing legal, policy and ethical aspects / professional accountability and responsibility


The module consists of portfolio submission with all components (academic and practice) submitted including:

  • 3000-word critical reflective discussion
  • Online exam
  • Online numeracy test