The Inclusive Educator module (PD50205)

Learn about current educational policies and practice related to inclusion. You will develop your own inclusive practice

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Inclusive education is a highly debated topic of interest to educators worldwide.

The concept of inclusion is part of a broad human rights agenda. It is at the core of the government's education policies within the United Kingdom. It is also increasingly becoming part of education policies in countries around the globe.

While there are a number of positive aspects to current policy, many serious concerns and questions remain. This includes:

  • resource allocation
  • teacher training
  • curriculum adaptation
  • social integration
  • balancing individual needs
  • the need for supportive policies and community involvement

In this module, you will explore inclusive education. This will cover current educational policies and practice related to inclusion.

You will take an enquiry-based approach to teaching and learning. This is consistent with current national and international views on inclusive practice.

You will grow to understand that the key to inclusive education is to welcome all learners. You will learn that every learner matters, and matters equally.

What you will learn

In this module, you will:

  • learn about the development of inclusion globally
  • review the arguments for and against inclusive education. This will be in the light of current legislation and policies in your own country
  • critically reflect on key issues and factors related to current legislation and policies in the area of inclusion
  • consider the effects of other legislation which impact on social inclusion
  • learn about theories, principles, and concepts of inclusive education. This will taken from the Inclusive Pedagogical Approaches in Action model:
    • difference and diversity are ordinary
    • problems are challenges for teachers
    • we need to work collaboratively to resolve these problems

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • reflect on your own development as an inclusive educator
  • make plans to further develop one aspect of your practice through focused professional learning

Assignments / assessment

  • 2,000 word essay (50%)
  • essay and artefact 2,000 words (50%)

This module does not have a final exam

Teaching methods / timetable

The module is delivered online over 17 weeks. The learning and teaching will consist of the following:

  • online live lectures
  • online live Q&A / informal discussion inputs
  • individual tutorial opportunities
  • asynchronous module materials
  • reflective journals
  • discussion boards


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