Leadership and Organisational Development module (PD50175)

Develop the skills to lead change within your organisation

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Across the globe, we continue to face many challenges. Driving these are things like climate change, technological advances, and economic uncertainties. These are often driven by shifting socio-political landscapes.

As a result, we need leaders. Leaders who can exhibit the necessary skills and understanding to address these situations.

Leadership is about working well with and through others. This skill is often seen on occasions such as:

  • when leading through responsibility
  • influencing other
  • being at the forefront of a pressing matter

You will look at the topic of leadership through an interdisciplinary approach. This will encourage you to consider leadership as a concept. You will see that this goes beyond formal titles and power.

You will consider leadership for everyone. Regardless of status or standing.

A key theme that you will encounter with this module is self-reflection. You will look at self-reflection within the framework of leadership and organisational development.

This is to enable you to focus on the 'self' as both a leader and a learner.

Your attention will be on context and relationships in driving change. You will consider your own context and professional values alongside ethical and equitable leadership.

What you will learn

In this module, you will:

  • develop a critical understanding of the principles and concepts of leadership. These will be relevant to leading change
  • learn how to critically analyse leadership theories, principles, and concepts
  • connect your own skills and practices with different theoretical concepts
  • learn how to communicate extensive, detailed, and critical knowledge and understanding of leadership. This will be in a relevant context to your role

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • critically examine different strategic approaches to responding to complex problems
  • understand the importance of relationships, networks and collaboration. You will also understand situations through differing perspectives. This will allow you to deal with problems or potential change
  • integrate and synthesise insights, ideas and perspectives in the critical interpretation of findings
  • develop innovative responses to current issues. You will also understand what effective leadership means when leading such a response within your context
  • draw conclusions in an informed and critical manner from your own research and/or that of others

Assignments / assessment

  • 4,000 word essay (100%) 

This module does not have a final exam.

Teaching methods / timetable

Full-time on-campus

Each semester will consist of 10 weeks of teaching which are all timetabled and the learning and teaching will consist of the following:

  • in-person lectures
  • workshops
  • reading and completing associated tasks
  • writing and working towards your final assessment
  • peer-to-peer learning opportunities

For full-time students, lectures will last approx. 2.5 hours, some sessions are split over 2 days. You will be expected to attend all lectures which are held between Monday -Friday.


The module is divided into 12 units and is delivered online over 17 weeks. The learning and teaching will consist of the following:

  • live online sessions to include content-based discussions and opportunity for module-related academic questions
  • discussion boards
  • asynchronous module materials to work through at your own pace

Self-driven study time will include:

  • reading and completing associated tasks
  • engaging with a wide wide range of online materials to support self-study
  • writing and working towards your final assessment

peer-to-peer learning opportunities