Advanced Advocacy module (LW52134)

Develop the existing skills and knowledge gained in the core criminal and civil modules delivered in semester one of the course

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This optional module seeks to develop existing oral and written skills gained in the core civil and criminal procedure modules taught in semester one. To begin this module students will normally need to pass the core modules at first attempt.

What you will learn

Civil part of this module will cover:

  • Assessing disputed issues
  • Identifying and dealing with issues of fact and law
  • Promoting consistency in civil court practice
  • Preparation and presentation of written civil representations
  • Conducting a diet of debate

Criminal part of this module will cover:

  • Examination-in-chief and re-examination
  • Court etiquette and presentation
  • Questioning of vulnerable witnesses
  • Objections to inadmissible questions
  • Use of documentation and labelling of productions
  • Use of prior written statements
  • End of case or final submissions

This is an optional module within the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice programme.

Assignments / assessment

Criminal advocacy work (45%)

  • video recordings of pleadings, etc
  • assessed by tutor

Civil Advocacy Work (45%)

  • composed of a written exercise (25%) and oral advocacy exercises (20%)

Professional Attributes (10%)

  • to include attendance at and participation in tutorials

Each element of the assessments must be passed. 

If a student fails an element of assessment, a substitute piece of assessment may be set at the discretion of the Module Organiser and the Diploma Director.

Teaching methods / timetable

  • tutorials
  • independent study

This module will be delivered by small group tutorial teaching. Emphasis is on learning by doing, given the nature of the subject, and there is an emphasis on practical work and oral advocacy skills. 


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