Creating your Future: Innovation, Careers and Enterprise (Adv) module (LW32044)

Increase your employability and stand out in a competitive graduate market, gain entrepreneurial insight and commercial awareness to help you after graduation

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Discover key employability skills required for success as a graduate.

Develop an entrepreneurial mindset and commercial awareness to excel in your career.

You will then gain skills required to analyse a range of suitable career options for you. You will also be able to identify the professional skills and behaviours to succeed as a graduate

As well as making effective career decisions, you will also learn practical skills including:

  • writing an effective CV
  • completing job application forms
  • successfully answering questions at interviews
  • presenting yourself with confidence.

Entrepreneurial skills are valued both in self-employment and by employers. You will also learn how to communicate with a wider pool of clients from micro, small, medium, and large enterprises.

You will be able to demonstrate high levels of commercial awareness and identify ways to develop it, a key skill for graduate recruiters.

This module is taught by the Careers Service and the Centre for Entrepreneurship.

What you will learn

In this module, you will:

  • understand the Career planning process and its personal application
  • identify and apply personal factors of career choice
  • gain an awareness of opportunities available during university and post-graduation
  • practise self-presentation skills to help secure the chosen graduate option
  • understand the purpose, concepts and the key processes of developing a business idea

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • identify the professional skills and behaviours required for a career in law/graduate level work
  • communicate your level of competence in those skills
  • describe the components of a standard graduate recruitment process
  • examine your potential as entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs
  • analyse roles and preferences in team working situations,
  • identify strategies for optimising team performance
  • gain an understanding of sustainability, ethics and social corporate responsibility in the 21st Century

Assignments / assessment

  • job study (25%)
  • internship/graduate job application form or CV and cover letter (25%)
  • preparation of Business Model Canvas (35%)
  • presentation of the Business Model Canvas (15%).

This module does not have a final exam.

Teaching methods / timetable

The module is delivered through a combination of lectures, in-class activities and workshops.


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