History Skills & Sources module (HY52006)

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  • Semester One will focus on a series of &D2;pro-seminars’ led by the History Professors focussed on current issues of debate within the history profession.
  • Historical Skills will form the content in the spring and students will study a range of core skills from research ethics to oral history. 
  • Students are also required to attend the History research seminars and are encouraged to attend other school seminars.


This module is assessed as follows:

  • 2,500 word essay (35%)
  • 2,000 word skills exercise (35%)
  • module journal (30%)

Intended learning outcomes

Knowledge and Understanding

  • An advanced understanding of the types of evidence that the historian uses to recover and interpret the past.
  • A critical appreciation of various approaches to historical research techniques and how they may be used.
  • An understanding, in large part based upon practical experience, of specific skills which the student will use in the research dissertation.
  • The ability to synthesise information from a range of sources and make clear the derivation of ideas and information by proper methods of attribution.
  • The ability to analyse historical data using appropriate skills.
  • The ability to deploy appropriate conceptual frameworks in understanding empirical material.
  • The ability to identify, retrieve and critically evaluate information from a wide variety of sources
Other Attributes
  • The ability to design and critically assess a programme of historical research.
  • To gain the confidence to challenge the historiography, historians and the tutor.
  • To gain confidence as a historian.

Module aims


To provide students with an understanding and mastery of core skills, and with appropriate experience of their application. Together, these will help to prepare students for the research dissertation element of the MLitt/MRes and for further study at the PhD level.


Dr Christopher Storrs 


The teaching will be all be face-to-face supported by materials on my.dundee. Tutors will guide students in the relevant topics. Students will also be strongly recommended to attend the History Research Seminar programme.