Modern Scottish History: 1707 to 1997 module (HY30003)

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  • Level 3
  • Year-long
  • History - School of Humanities and the Open University
  • Coursework 100%
  • Distance Learning

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Modern Scottish History: 1707 to 1997 Module


Taught in collaboration with the Open University, Modern Scottish History, 1707-1997 examines the remarkable social, political and economic history of a small nation on the edge of Europe. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the country transformed from one which was largely agrarian and rural into a leading industrial, urban society. There then followed a different kind of transition as Scotland adapted in the twentieth century to the demise of world-ranking industries such as shipbuilding, iron and steel making, and textiles. The period covered by this module also witnessed some extraordinary political and social changes. With the Union of 1707, Scotland lost its own parliament and the process of political integration with the rest of Britain was hastened. By the end of the 1890s, however, there was a vibrant home rule movement and, a century after that, Scotland regained a parliament in 1999. To explore this transformation, you will examine themes such as Jacobitism, the Enlightenment, slavery, missionaries and religion, highland clearance, the health of the cities, the weather of the nation, emigration and diaspora, new jobs, new industries, and new roles for women.


Dr Patricia Whatley


Teaching is through distance-learning. Students are allocated a module tutor who will assess course assignments, communicate with or answer queries from students via various means of communicative technology, participate in and assess discussion board forums and lead a minimum of 2 virtual teaching sessions.


There are five tutor-marked assignments. Some will incorporate exercises in documentary analysis as well as standard essays. The final assignment will be a 3,000 word essay worth 40% of the final mark. Study Guides and your tutor will give advice in writing essays.