Research Project (Orthopaedic) module (GM50026)

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You must find a suitably equipped location for your project and arrange for supervision. You will be assigned a project mentor in Dundee who will act as a second, distant, supervisor. You are responsible for designing your own project and will be required to submit, for approval, details of your project, the Centre, and its facilities and about your supervisor and the supervision you will receive. If these are not approved, you will be unable to proceed with the course.

A list of research studies along with associated Supervisor(s) is available for you to choose from. You can list the project you would like to conduct in order of preference. This is not written in stone, however, so if you have a research subject of your choosing, please feel free to discuss it with the programme lead, and we will try to accommodate you.

It is sometimes better and more challenging to choose an area of research that you are not yet familiar with as this will widen your areas of expertise. For example, you have a strong interest in a particular sport so why not conduct your research using the amazing facilities at our sports lab. Motion and gait analysis could be another alternative with exciting possibilities for publications. You may even embark on learning how to design, develop and produce a new implant! No matter what topic you eventually decide upon, we are all here to help you achieve your goal.


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