Special Author (directed reading)

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This module allows you to explore in depth the full range of your chosen author's works, whether it might be the Harry Potter series, Walter Scott's Waverley novels, or the poems of Geoffrey Hill. Other examples include: Shakespeare, Jonathan Swift, Robert Burns, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, George Orwell, Joseph Conrad, Angela Carter, Paul Auster and Philip Roth.

In agreement with an assigned tutor, when available, the student or students will read a wide range of a chosen author's works, typically in different genres (poetry, fiction, non-fiction, drama) and over different periods of the author’s life.

You may also explore adaptations or appropriations of your author's works, including continuations by other writers or artists.



  • Literature review or annotated bibliography 
  • Research essay


Dr Daniel Cook


The number and format of meetings will be agreed between tutor and student, but will typically comprise weekly or fortnightly one-hour tutorials over the course of one semester.