Advanced Practice module (DJ52016)

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This module explores a range of contemporary global practices in a variety of media, including painting, sculpture, video, conceptual art, performance art, site-specific work and (interactive) digital practices. Adopting a postmodern and post-disciplinary approach to what it means to make art in the 21st century, the module interrogates the formal, thematic, ecological and societal aspects of American, Asian, European and Indigenous art. Through focused seminars with artists and theorists from a range of schools of thought and practice, you will be encouraged to adopt the position of artist-scholar. You will engage in conceptually sophisticated practice-led research, mobilise the knowledge acquired in the Humanities modules to critically reflect on practice, and create a courageous body of theoretically informed work. You will also develop an ambitious programme of research with clear research objectives and critically informed artistic research contexts.


100% coursework

Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate further development of working methods, both technical and conceptual
  • Apply relevant methods for conducting research through practice
  • Articulate a critical position
  • Use reflective methods throughout the definition of your research and its application in practice
  • Demonstrate consideration of the suitability of methods to achieve the highest level of practice
  • Develop skills to lead and to engage in discussions
  • Develop interpersonal and presentation skills, organisational and time management skills

Learning and teaching Methods

  • Lectures
  • Self-led seminars
  • Workshops
  • Small-group activities
  • Individual tutorials with the module leader and specialised staff
  • Studio work
  • Open-studio critiques
  • Independent study

Module leader: Professor Natasha Lushetich