Marketing Research Project module (BU40025)

Gain experience of real-life market research, covering all stages of the research process, from the problem identification to presentation of the final results.

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As part of a small group of students, you will form a small consulting team. Your team's task will be to provide marketing research insights to your assigned client, which will be either a department of the University or an external stakeholder.

This module is about collaboration between your student consulting team and the client. As a group you will experience all the stages of marketing research from client briefing through data collection to final reporting of the results. 

What you will learn

In this module, you will:

  • assist your client in identifying their marketing problem
  • conduct real-life marketing research
  • prepare and present your final results
  • use your project outcomes to inform the marketing strategy of your client
  • take full responsibility for the project delivery, with the lecturer's and client’s support

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • describe your tangible experience of being a consultant in a marketing research "company"
  • work in a group to solve the marketing problem of your client
  • appreciate the work-based environment of how a marketing research company operates
  • discuss the real-world challenges arising from authentic workplace issues and problems
  • reflect upon working in group with unfamiliar co-workers representing different skill sets and personalities
  • write professional correspondence and documents such as memos, proposals, reports
  • work to meet deadlines
  • give professional presentations

Assignments / assessment

Coursework in this module is group-based. Groups are formed at the beginning of the module and will stay the same for all assignments. Individual peer review feedback is collected for each assignment to assess individual contributions. Assignments in this module include:

  • Research Proposal (20%)
  • Questionnaire (20%)
  • Final Presentation Proposal (60%)

This module does not have a final exam.

Teaching methods / timetable

Sessions include:

  • weekly two hour face-to-face classes
  • four 1-3 hour client meetings
  • seven hours of guided independent study (with assessment tasks)

Meetings with your client will be supplemented with additional class workshops and training, allowing you to develop necessary skills and providing you with guidance and advice at various stages of your research project. Training to prepare you for the final presentation at the end of the module will be given at least two weeks before the final presentation date.

Week Topic
1 Face-to Face Class

Introductory Meeting

  • presenting the overall nature of the research projects

Face-to Face Class


Briefing Meeting with Client

Face-to Face Class

4 Face-to Face Class

Desk Research Meeting with Client

Training on Questionnaire Design

Face-to Face Class

6 Face-to Face Class

Project Proposal/Questionnaire Meeting with Client

Training on Software for Questionnaire Survey

Data Collection

Face-to Face Class

8 Face-to Face Class

Training in Professional Presentation-Giving

Face-to Face Class

10 Face-to Face Class

Final Presentation with Client (at the end of semester 2)

Face-to Face Class



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