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Our Wattbike and Intelligent Cycling studio is a state-of-the-art immersive cycling experience! Our classes and virtual player are ideal for all levels of cyclists, especially beginners. You must be an exercise, or sport & exercise member to book and attend these sessions.

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Monday to Friday 07:00 - 21:30
Saturday and Sunday 08:30 - 17:30


An upgrade from your regular spin bikes, our Wattbike Pro’s are engineered to enhance your performance, whether you're a complete beginner or elite athlete. Our immersive experience will host both instructed and virtual classes with onscreen analysis of your progress and the performance of your group for that little competitive push.

The Intelligent Cycling (IC) digital format is used for our classes and virtual player. Riders require the Intelligent Cycling app to display performance data, enhance your exercise experience, cycle at the correct intensity and to take control of the virtual player.

Once downloaded onto your smart device, complete the My Profile section to get the most out of each cycle. Beginners can estimate their FTP (Functional Threshold Power) by taking their weight in kg’s and multiplying that amount X 2.


  • Ideal entry-level workouts for those new to fitness because the IC app shows you how to monitor your intensity without working too hard.
  • Base Camp classes focus on how to regulate your intensity by understanding our colour rated training levels. These sessions are simpler to follow, but still suitable for fit riders. Intensity is calculated using your FTP so all riders can take part alongside each other and experience a bespoke cycling training session.
  • Experienced riders can immerse themselves in all the data provided by the app, to fine-tune training sessions. The app links to the bike, but can also link to Strava, Garmin and your HR monitor if you like to wear one.
  • Summit Camp classes are more complex, with teachers focusing on FTP as a training measure.  Beginners could still manage the class (remember your intensity is set by your FTP) but it’s likely that there is a lot of jargon to contend with and quick changes, therefore, we advise Base Camp in the first instance.
  • For the virtual bike player, use the IC app to control your cycling workout. Choose from over 30,000 different training sessions with tailor-made soundtracks. Madonna? Queen? Pitbull? Take your pick! You can also select how you want to view the workout experience with the high-quality gaming graphics. Don't worry if you're unsure what to do, there are simple instructions in the studio to keep you right.

We recommend arriving 5 minutes prior to any bike session to set yourself up for a comfortable and safe ride.

Get access

All new users of our cycle studio need to undertake an induction. It covers key topics such as bike set up, equipment care, cycle technique and your safety. After the induction you will have full access to all bike classes and the virtual bike player sessions that can be booked on the ISE app or at reception.


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