Sports Biomechanics Laboratory

Orthopaedic research lab for studying sports activities.

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TORT Centre
James Arrot Drive
Dundee DD1 9SY

Ninewells Campus

The sports lab is 32 meters long and allows us to focus specifically on sports-related biomechanical research and assessment. Like the gait lab, it is a fully equipped 3D motion capture lab allowing for the analysis of walking, running, exercising and many other sporting activities that require running at speed over a longer distance.

We have a fully equipped gym and a range of sports simulators allowing for detailed analysis of sporting activities within a controlled laboratory environment. Linked with our state-of-the-art motion analysis and metabolic instruments we can analyse athletic performance, rehabilitation regimes and investigate injury prevention for a wide range of sports. Many will be surprised to know that we also have a purpose-built climbing wall.

There is also a markerless motion analysis system which collects data from athletes on the court or in the field out with the laboratory setting. IMU sensors capture and measure real-time load activity data. These sensors are waterproof, making them suitable for all-weather capture including swimming.

This facility is part of the Motion & Gait Analysis Labs