Gait Analysis Laboratory

Orthopaedic research lab for studying human motion.

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TORT Centre
James Arrot Drive
Dundee DD1 9SY

Ninewells Campus

The gait analysis lab is a purpose-built space providing ample space for walking. The fifteen 3D motion capture cameras combined with four force plates and synchronised video provide detailed information on how people move. A 16-channel wireless electromyographic system adds muscle activity information, an important tool in the management of patients with lower limb diseases or injuries and children with cerebral palsy. We also analyse the walking patterns of stroke patients and those suffering from other neurological conditions.

The lab has a raised central roof which allows us to study activities such as golf swings, jumping from a height, volleyball striking and stair climbing. There is also a ramp with an adjustable height angle allowing us to study mountain hiking, skiing and any other sports conducted on slopes. We can also measure very small movements, such as the hand and fingers or the foot.

This facility is part of the Motion & Gait Analysis Labs