Foot Pressure Analysis Laboratory

Orthopaedic research lab for studying feet.

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TORT Centre
James Arrot Drive
Dundee DD1 9SY

Ninewells Campus

We have several foot pressure systems that measure pressure under the foot in both static and dynamic conditions. Combined with synchronised video these instruments provide quick analysis of foot function for both clinical and research purposes. These instruments are fully portable for projects that necessitate off-site investigation. 

Our in-shoe pressure measurement system provides accurate and reliable pressure measurement and distribution of loading within the shoe. This mobile wireless system provides freedom of movement while walking, running, or even when cycling while the data can be viewed online in real-time. Another system uses state-of-the-art technology combined with flexible sensors to monitor pressure between almost any two surfaces. This allows pressure recordings from many diverse applications such as bicycle and horse saddles, equipment handles, gloves, wheelchairs, beds, and prosthetic limbs. 

This facility is part of the Motion & Gait Analysis Labs