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Please use 'Report a fault or problem' for any service disruptions.
Please use 'Report a fault or problem' for any service disruptions.
Summary examples: 'Wireless network enquiry' or 'ICS website feedback'.
Summary examples: 'Wireless network enquiry' or 'ICS website feedback'.
Please give a brief summary or title.

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A shared email address is used where it would not be appropriate to use a personal email address.

  • It allows staff in departments that provide centralised services e.g. HR or printing services
  • It allows multiple users to monitor and reply to e-mail sent to an e-mail address e.g. help desk
  • It provides students with a single contact to different school departments, such as academic departments, library services, or financial aid.
  • It can be used in configuration of a database to send email automatically.

In most instances an Office 365 shared mailbox is appropriate. This allows a group of users to view and send e-mail from a common mailbox and to share a common calendar, so they can schedule and view vacation time or work shifts.

Note: If you are a student you must have authorisation from a senior member of staff within your school.

A distribution list of colleagues or peers allows you to contact groups of users easily.

You can create many Distribution Lists yourself, click here for more info.

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Staff must be granted access rights to a shared mailbox in order to view and send mail.

Room Mailboxes are special resource mailboxes that are used to reserve physical locations, such as conference rooms, auditoriums, and training labs. After an administrator creates room mailboxes, users can easily reserve rooms by including room mailboxes in meeting requests.

Equipment mailboxes are assigned to resources that don't have a specific location, such as portable computers, audio-visual equipment, or vehicles.

If you have more than one standard University account and the one you prefer to retain as your main account is due to expire you can request a transfer of accounts.

One account per visitor.

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