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Updated on 23 April 2022

Learn about the information displayed on the people pages and who to contact to get your profile updated

On this page

The people pages of the University website provide a searchable, single location where the contact details and related information for staff can be accessed. Staff are organised into groups corresponding to the University's organisational structure.

The content published on staff pages must not include material which is offensive, threatening, defamatory, or illegal. 

Name and contact details

Content for the sections below is sourced directly from the University HR records system (P3).

  • Title
  • Forename (this uses the 'Known as' field from a person's HR record but will default to the 'Forename' record if this isn't available. In other words, 'Joseph' will show unless you have told HR that you prefer to use 'Joe'. Updating your 'Known as' will also update the display name for your email for example 'Joe Bloggs')
  • Surname
  • Email
  • Job title
  • Group (i.e school/directorate, department/service)
  • Location (University standard internal address)

Honorary staff are not published by default but can be listed on an individual basis if approved by a Dean/School Manager.

By default PhD students are not displayed on the website from the University HR records system. PhD students who are not staff can be listed on the website if required and approved by a Dean/School Manager. In both instances please contact Web Services by emailing and these can be added.

Updating and amending your details

If any of this information is incorrect then you will need to contact your local HR team. These changes will be automatically reflected on the website.

Phone number

Phone numbers are sourced directly from the IT system. If this information is incorrect you should contact UoDIT by emailing

Profile photos

Profile photos used on the website must be:

  • high quality
  • on a plain, light background
  • colour rather than black and white
  • professional in appearance
  • front facing and looking at the camera

Avatars, poor quality, or non-professional photos are not permitted.

Any new photographs provided should preferably be taken by a photographer in Creative Services to achieve a consistent style in line with University brand guidelines. If you need your staff photograph taken you should attend one of the regular photo sessions organised by Creative Services.

To get your profile photo updated, added, or removed on the website please contact Web Services by emailing

Biography and additional content

Content for the sections below is populated using the website content management system. If you wish to have any of this information updated then please contact Web Services by emailing


You should ensure your biography content is accurate and reviewed regularly. The information in this section should be professional and you should ensure that you do not divulge anything considered private or personal (for example, your family background). 


As well as providing an overview of your research you can list up to 10 research outputs in this section. Beyond this, detailed information about individual outputs should be displayed on your research profile on the Discovery Research Portal (a link to this should be on your profile).


This section can be used to provide a description of your teaching responsibilities and activities. It is the responsibility of staff to ensure this to up to date and accurate. Requests for content updates can be sent to Web Services via help4u. In some Schools there may be designated administrative staff who are authorised to make updates on an individual’s behalf.

Websites links and other content

People profiles can display links to external sites which promote the teaching and research activities of staff. Permitted links include:

  • Personal blogs
  • Research project websites
  • Personal social media profiles (Twitter, LinkedIn etc)
  • ORCID identifier

Embedded social media timelines/feeds (for example, Twitter) are not permitted. Web Services reserve the right to remove any broken links.

The University does not provide the facility for posthumous people profiles.

Removing your details

If you do not wish to have your name and contact details displayed on the website please email


Web Services