Where to store your files on a student computer

Updated on 5 September 2023

You should store your files in the cloud using OneDrive when using one of the campus computers available to you.

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Your files are automatically synced to OneDrive

The files that you save to Desktop and My Documents (including My Videos, My Pictures, and My Music) will be automatically saved to OneDrive. This means you can save a file to a student PC and get to it from any other device later, without having to upload anything.

1. Save your file to any of the locations above

2. You can view your files on OneDrive by:

  • Logging into OneDrive online
  • Launching OneDrive from the AppsAnywhere on a campus PC
  • Clicking the app launcher in Outlook on the web, then clicking OneDrive

Extra disk space

You can save up to 1 TB of data to OneDrive. You can request extra disk space if you work with a lot of data. Contact the Service Desk to let them know why you need it.