Apply for Recognition of Prior Informal Learning (RPIL) for BSc credit in the Health Sciences

Updated on 7 July 2023

Find out whether your previous educational and life/work experience can count as credit towards a BSc course, and apply for this credit.

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We can assess your learning from previous educational and life/work experience.

If you have gained 300 credits (including 60 credits at Level 9) from a previous diploma qualification (regardless of the date the qualification was awarded) then you can apply for RPIL. You need to demonstrate that since you qualified, you have been working professionally at Level 9 (degree level) using degree level skills.

Typically, degree level characteristics include:

  1. knowledge of a subject area which is informed by current developments.
  2. an ability to communicate the results of your studies and other work accurately and reliably

Evidence needed

You will need to submit:

  • a 2,000 word academic essay which either
    • briefly describes a recent clinical case or situation from your practice and critically discusses how you used evidence to inform the care given
    • or critically reviews current literature on a chosen subject area
  • a recently published article in a professional journal or a detailed work-based report where you were the sole/main contributor
  • a reflective portfolio of evidence which could include (but is not limited to):
    • video and/or audio material
    • analytical evaluations of practice
    • analysis of issues underlying practice and the learning associated with that
    • evidence of planning for practice
    • analysis and evaluation of training undertaken for practice
    • supporting statements from managers or supervisors in relation to practice
    • an assessor’s observation of practice
    • detailed curriculum vitae to support a context for the claim

As each student will have differing life experiences, the most appropriate options for individual students will vary.

Two reviewers (Programme Lead and Head of Studies) will assess this evidence and decide whether it meets the requirements for awarding credit.

We will let you know the outcome of our claim, and if it is not sufficient, we will give you feedback with the opportunity to revise and resubmit.

Our course leads can support you in preparing your evidence. Please contact

All RPIL claims will be reviewed by an External Examiner and will be ratified by an Exam Board.

Charge for RPIL claims

There is a charge for processing all RPIL claims of £100 per 10 credits. You need to pay this once the claim has been confirmed.

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