Recycling and disposal of waste

Updated on 24 November 2022

The Estates & Buildings Department operates a service for the collection of University generated waste material for Recycling and Disposal, using the Estates Recycling Yard off the City Campus at West Hendersons Wynd.

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Item Details
Cardboard Collected by Estates staff and compressed and baled on campus, before processing for recycling.
Computer equipment Inoperable PC's, Monitors, Keyboards, used toner cartridges, defunct mobile phones etc. are collected for recycling (and re-use where practicable).
Confidential Paper Waste Confidential paper waste is collected for on-campus shredding.
Fridges Both Industrial and Domestic fridges are collected for recycling.
Glass Glass is collected for recycling.
Metal Metal filing cabinets, metal tables etc collected for re-use and recycling.
Paper We are able to collect paper for recycling free of charge, this includes newspaper and magazines. No plastic or hard covers. Obtain green bags to collect normal paper. Paper Recycling Poster. Remember 'if it rips it can be recycled'.
Wooden Pallets Collected for re-use.
Electronic equipment Collected for recycling.
Used Lamps Collected for recycling.
Batteries Collected for recycling.
Aluminium Cans Collected for recycling. Please rinse before depositing.

All PET 1, 2, 4 & 5 plastics can be recycled. This includes juice bottles, milk cartons, yoghurt pots, cleaning bottles, butter tubs, plastic shopping bags, microwaveable meal trays, fruit punnets.

Please rinse out before depositing.

PET 3 & 6 plastics are not recycled, including PVC, packaging film, cling film, bin liners, polystyrene.

Furniture Collected for re-use.
Clothes/Textiles Collected for re-use.
Books/CD's Collected for re-use.
Toner Cartridges Collected for re-use.

View a copy of the University's Environmental Policy.

Recycling Centres in Dundee

Dundee City Council currently operates the following three Recycling Centres within the city.

  • Baldovie Recycling Centre, Piper Street, Dundee
  • Marchbanks Recycling Centre, Harefield Road, Dundee
  • Riverside Recycling Centre, Wright Avenue (off Riverside Drive), Dundee

All three sites provide residents of Dundee with the opportunity to dispose of and recycle a range of household waste free of charge.



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