Recommend new resource purchases for the library

Updated on 7 July 2023

Guidance for students and members of staff who wish to recommend that the Library purchases a new resource.

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Academic staff

Anything required to support a taught module must be included on a published resources list.

Published lists are reviewed by the LLC's acquisitions staff and purchasing decisions made on the basis of student numbers, assigned importances, and ready availability of the resources required. 

Recommendations for resources not directly required for teaching should be directed to

Alternatively, complete the Staff Resource Recommendation form (for library stock).


Lecturers should already have highlighted everything required to support a taught module by means of a resources list. Extra copies or electronic versions of books may be purchased when demand is evident from the number of holds which students have placed. 

Students can also email to request extra copies or to recommend books which are not on the Resource lists but may be useful for a dissertation, thesis or project.

Alternatively, complete the More Books - Student Resource Recommendation form.

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