Scan or copy using a Pay2Print printer

Updated on 29 September 2023

You can use the multifunction devices in Library locations to scan and copy documents.

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Log in with your University username when using Pay2Print, not your email address.

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The multifunction devices in Library locations also let you scan and copy documents. Hold your staff / student ID card against the reader to unlock the device. You may have to pair your card using your username and password the first time you do this.

Photo the scanner with a hand swiping their student card across the reader on the left.

The main display on the printer will activate.

Photo of the main display on the scanner. There is an option to copy in black and white, colour, or scan to email.

You can scan and email a document to yourself as PDF or JPG. This is free of charge. If you wish to use the photocopy feature this is charged at the same price as printing.

Scanning published materials? Read the Copyright Licensing Restrictions.

Printing costs for Pay2Print printers

Type of printingA4A3
Black and white double-sided4p per side
8p per page
8p per side
16p per page
Black and white single-sided5p per page10p per page
Colour double-sided24p per side
48p per page
48p per side
96p per page
Colour single-sided30p per page60p per page