Add credit to your Pay2Print account

Updated on 8 September 2022

You need to have credit on your Pay2Print account before you can print using a Pay2Print printer

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Log in with your University username when using Pay2Print, not your email address.

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By credit or debit card

You can add £1 or more using a credit or debit card. You can see your balance before you add more credit.

If you are using a computer with the student desktop there is a £ icon beside the clock to check your balance.

Printing costs for Pay2Print printers




Black and white

4p per side
8p per page

8p per side
16p per page

Black and white

5p per page

10p per page

Colour double-sided

24p per side
48p per page

49p per side
96p per page

Colour single-sided

30p per page

60p per page

Issues with printing

If a Pay2Print printer has a technical problem, or if you have questions about your balance, contact the Service Desk.

Refund of printing credit

To get a refund of remaining credit when you no longer need it, contact the Service Desk. Cash refunds may need a few days to process, so please leave enough time.

Buy printing credit
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