Get a letter that says I am a student

You may need this to join a gym, register with a doctor, for a visa, or to avoid council tax, national service, or jury duty

If you are a continuing student you need to re-matriculate online before you can request a letter

For most UK based requests

  • Log onto eVision
  • Click on Student Resources
  • Click "certificate of matriculation letter"
  • Remove headers and footers in print preview
  • Print

This is suitable for most UK based requests, such as council tax, inland revenue, gym memberships.

Formal letters

You may need a more formal letter for applying for a visa to visit an overseas country, exemption for military service, sponsors, finance, or for other governments.

It will take two working days to generate this letter. We will email your email when it is ready to collect from the enquiry centre. You can also have this posted but it may take up to 5 extra working days 


Enquiry Centre

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2 September 2019


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