Caring for children or dependents when working from home

Updated on 20 December 2022

Support and flexible working when caring for children and/or dependants when you are working from home

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We understand and appreciate that it may be challenging for some people juggling both working from home and also taking care of a child or dependant.

Balancing work with other responsibilities can be difficult and we are keen to support and facilitate alternative arrangements that can help.

You should discuss this with your line manager in the first instance.

Flexible working

Flexible working could mean that you can share caring responsibilities with others in your household by working different shift patterns such as:

  • longer or shorter days
  • working in the evening 
  • working at the weekend

It might also mean that you can focus on slightly different tasks which are still related to your role, but are more appropriate for your particular circumstances.

If you are having difficulties

If you are finding it difficult to work from home due to your caring responsibilities, please talk to your line manager.

There are other University policies that can be used to support you including: 

Temporary changes have been made to these policies and there is now no service-related eligibility requirement. Annual leave can also be taken.


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