Book a bike from our bike pool

Updated on 17 July 2023

The steps you take to book and use a bike from our bike pool

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To book a bike from our bike pool please read and complete the registration form and risk assessment form below. This only has to be done once.

You can pick up keys for the bikes from Ewing Building reception.

The bike pool includes:

  • 2 x Carrera 51cm/20 inch and 42cm/16 inch
  • 1 x Gazelle Electric Bike
  • 1 x Wisper 806 Electric Folding Bike

All bikes are fitted with a bike computer which records mileage, average speed, maximum speed, and journey distance.

Bike safe working practices

  1. The saddle height should be adjusted to fit the individual.
  2. Do not carry any bags, etc. hanging from the handlebars. Ensure that any baggage is securely fixed in the pannier.
  3. Users shall follow the recommendations of the Highway Code.
  4. The 2 ‘KTM’ city bicycles are stored in the bike shelter below Fulton Building main entrance.
  5. The 2 ‘Dahon’ folding bicycles are stored at Estates and Buildings reception.
  6. The bicycles will be available on a first come first served basis, however anyone wishing to reserve a bicycle for a specific reason should book it out. Registered users for recreational use can also book the bicycle at lunch times.
  7. Bike security lock keys and keys for Fulton bike shelter are available from Estates and Buildings reception.
  8. The bicycle must be returned to the shelter after use and locked, folding bikes to be returned to Estates and Buildings reception. Bike security lock keys and keys for Fulton bike shelter must be returned to Estates and Buildings reception.
  9. Any incidents or damage to the bicycle must be reported to reception or Karen Brough for recording on return.
  10. The bicycle shall be kept securely locked at times when left unattended. A lock is provided and should be used (where possible) to prevent the removal of the front wheel.
  11. The record log will be kept at Estates and Buildings reception and must be completed in advance and on return of all journeys.
  12. The user will be responsible for checking that the bicycle is in a fit condition for use. Any problems or concerns about the condition or operation of the bike should be reported to Karen Brough.
  13. If you are not happy with the condition of the bicycle do not use it.

Trudy Cunningham

Environment and Sustainability Manager