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Updated on 5 September 2023

How to get set up for your online applicant interview on Blackboard Collaborate and our top tips for the day

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Before your interview

Set yourself a reminder

It is important to remember that you must access your interview at the time and date stated on your confirmation email. You will not be invited into the room, so it is a good idea to set yourself a calendar reminder. Please ensure that you arrive for your interview in plenty of time.

Use a browser that supports Blackboard Collaborate

Currently, Google Chrome supports and offers the best experience of Blackboard Collaborate.

Check whether your version of Google Chrome (or your preferred browser) supports the most recent release of Blackboard by reading this Blackboard supported web browsers guide.

You can test the meeting link before your interview to ensure there are no issues with your preferred browser. If the meeting link shows an error when you first open, copy and paste the link into a different browser, and this should resolve any problems.

Test your camera and microphone

Most devices will give you an option to test your sounds settings. You will not be able to join your interview session ahead of time, so your testing must be done within your own device. Try playing a YouTube video to see if there is sound. Collaborate will produce sound using the same audio device (e.g., speakers or headset) as other websites such as YouTube.

We recommend using a headset where possible for the best audio quality. If you are using a laptop, be sure to check your headphones are connected correctly by viewing your sound settings and you should see a green tick beside your device.

When you access your interview, you will also be prompted to enable your camera and microphone and to test this works on the day.

Tell us how we can support you

If you have disability or accessibility requirements, let us know how we can support you. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible before your interview.

On the day of your interview

Accessing Blackboard Collaborate

You will have received your interview booking confirmation email which contains the link to access your online interview. There is no need to sign in or register with Blackboard to allow you to access this link. Simply click or tap the link on your desktop or mobile device and you will be in your interview.

Confirm your name

Type your name into the box when prompted. This will ensure we can confirm your attendance at the interview.

Enable your camera and microphone

When you first enter the online meeting, you will be prompted to enable your camera and microphone. Your device may also prompt you to test this also. It’s important that both your camera and microphone work for you to be able to complete your interview. When working, the microphone icon will be green and the camera icon will be blue. To avoid audio issues, we recommend using headphones.

If your camera isn’t working, make sure all apps that use the camera are shut down, for example, Zoom or Microsoft Teams and re-enable your camera on Blackboard.

Showing photo ID

At the start of your interview, you will be asked to show a photographic ID.

You will either be asked to show your ID to the member of staff in the main interview room or be “moved” to a breakout room for this check to take place. This is to ensure confidentiality. If you are attending a group interview (applicable to Education and Nursing group interviews), the main room staff will let you know what panel you're in for your group interview.

What photo ID can I use?

Issued by a government agency or professional institution showing your name, date of birth, and a clear image of your face. Examples include your photocard driving licence (full or provisional), passport, national ID card, or Young Scot card.

Panel rooms

Your ID check, group interview and presentation will take place in your panel. A member of staff will move you to a breakout room where they will check your ID prior to the interview. You will only be given your panel link once you arrive for your interview so please do not worry that you do not have this in advance.

Using the meeting chat

During your interview, you can access the meeting chat if required. On your computer or mobile device, you will have the option to open the ‘Collaborate Panel’. You should only use this chat function if asked to do so by the interviewers.

Best practices

  • Find a quiet space. Find yourself a quiet space where you can focus on your interview without any distractions.
  • Stay close to your internet router. If using wifi should locate yourself close to your internet router as possible.
  • Close other programmes. Close all programs and streaming services on your computer except for the browser you are using for your Collaborate session.
  • Use headphones. Cut down on the background noise and use headphones.
  • Mute yourself when not speaking. Nothing is more distracting than background noise so be sure to familiarise yourself with how to mute and unmute your microphone.
  • Raise your hand. Use the raise hand option if there is no opening to speak or you wish to contribute to the discussion.

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