Accessing student software

Updated on 18 September 2023

There are several ways to get access to the software required for your studies whether that is on campus or on your own computer.

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You need to wait until your account is converted to a full student account. This happens a few hours after matriculation.

Apps Anywhere (

Just like you use Netflix to stream your favourite shows, you use Apps Anywhere to stream the software you need. If you're launching an app at the start of term, it could take a few minutes. Don't worry, this isn't permanent - the more you use the apps, the quicker they'll load

AppsAnywhere on a University student desktop

This is setup and installed by default so there is no further setup required just login and get started with the applications you need by clicking the shortcut on the desktop

  1. Open AppsAnywhere or click the Apps Anywhere shortcut on the desktop
  2. Search for or find the software you want to use

Whether it’s SPSS or AutoCAD, you can either search at top right or scroll – your choice.

Once you find the software you need, you can click it and view a quick description before launching it.

  1. Click Launch (this might appear as Download or Visit Website)

You can star the apps that you use most often so that they appear in your favourites.

Using AppsAnywhere on your own computer

You can use AppsAnywhere on your own computer to make use of many of our apps you'd usually access via a student desktop machine.

  1. Visit the AppsAnywhere web page
  2. Log in with your short username

Log in with your University username when using AppsAnywhere, not your email address.

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  1. Follow the instructions on screen to install the AppsAnywhere and CloudPaging software on your machine.

Once installed, AppsAnywhere allows several types of software installation

  • Local installation, this app will install on your own machine like a normal app
  • Via CloudPaging, this means the app "streams" to your machine, a bit like Netflix streaming a video
  • Via External Website, for apps that run on the web

You can see which type of installation is used when you move your mouse over the app panel.


Our virtual desktop system provides you access to a University Windows desktop, just like a student PC in the Library. Use MyDesktop to access specialist software you need to carry out your work.

When should I use MyDesktop?

If you need to use specialist software that is not available to use at home via AppsAnywhere and can't get into an IT suite on-campus, MyDesktop gives you access to a University Windows desktop from any remote location as if you were sitting in front of it. Once your connected, you can perform a wide range of tasks as if you’re actually using the computer in person.

Connect to MyDesktop

If you have a username that doesn’t include your ID number (students) or end with a number (staff), make sure you enter it correctly.