Tilda Watson

Art & Philosophy BA (Hons)

Exploring the intersection between the memory of lived experience and the recollection of dreams.


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My practice explores the symbiotic space where dream recollection and lived memory meet: a state of confusion and of grief for our lost experiences. As we attempt to preserve what is both beyond and within us, we are caught in a never-ending cycle of forgetting and remembering.

Recollection documentation has become the basis of my practice, and this is realised through text, drawing, fragmented dialogue, print, and installation. The work consists of an accumulation of visual material and autobiographical notation, reduced to subdued natural hues and monochromatic forms.

The fragments of this installation become a map of visual, written, and auditory association where two versions of the “self” collide, and dreams reverberate into the awake experience. The artwork seeks to mediate between the dream self and the awake self, recognising the duality within us all. In so doing, the work helps us understand this dynamic and brings us closer to a realisation of our true selves.

Detailed shot of a mobile, showing black objects suspended by threads
Detail of a mobile, depicting black bird-like objects suspended by thread
A mobile, consisting of black objects suspended by threads
A black and white image mounted against white paper in a black frame
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