Skye Sutherland

Textile Design BDes (Hons)

"Light Emanating from Darkness" is an immersive experience that invites users to be part of the design process, using movement to alter the fabric's design.


Young woman smiling

The driving force of this project has been the feeling of disconnection and separation from my family over the past few years. I was inspired by how we continuously adapted our methods of communication and began researching how communication can differ within nature. From there I found that trees use their roots and fungal networks to converse and share resources, once chopped down they are completely cut off from their network. The chopped down trees became a visual metaphor for me being separate from my family and grew into the main source for my drawings and development throughout the project. In these technology-centred times, my aim was to also find an innovative way of blending digital design with traditional textile design. Through extensive research into E-Textiles, I discovered creative coding and generative design and began teaching myself the basics of coding through a program called ‘Processing'.

The installation expresses a need for communication and connection by engaging users in a non-verbal conversation with the designer through the medium of textile design. I used traditional Shibori techniques to form organic, flowing patterns that permanently imbed my part of the conversation within the fabrics. I then created a code that responded to users’ movements and generates a spontaneous array of vivid circles that are then momentarily projected across the fabric, connecting us in a visual conversation as you alter and experiment with the design process.

Light Emanating from Darkness

Dark blue fabrics with white circles suspended in the air

Installation reacting to movement.


Close ups of the installation

Up close focus on fabrics with white shibori patterns

Behind the scenes

The installation will be available for rent or purchase from July, 2022. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or creative opportunities. 
Skye will also be presenting her work at New Designers in London this summer.