Ryan Patience

Animation BDes (Hons)

A passionate artist and animator who wants to excel within the animation industry and push himself to be the best he can be.


I create with the belief that animation stands as a visual medium that can bring wonder to viewers on its own unique way that stands as an equal with other visual mediums. I seek to bring out narratives in animation through exaggeration, animation has its own unique property of conveying movement where it can just to create the illusion of life in all its realism and then go further beyond into bringing the most out of motion, weight and acting of a scene.

Presentation is a very important aspect in animation. The way that drawing can bring out our imaginations is a wonder where we are not limited to by anything to tell the stories we want to tell where characters we can relate to as people but can witness them doing things which are not capable in other mediums. 

Above all my goal in drawing/animation is just to pursue self-betterment, it is amazing to be able to pursue something that is so personal to self-expression and heavily social interacting with your peers and learning from each other helping everyone to grow together, it’s a journey you get to share with fellow passionate people around you and I want to indulge fully in that through 2D character and FX animation.

2D Animation Demoreel

Here is my current build of a Demoreel showing some of my favourite animated pieces.

Life drawing of a man's face and then exaggerated features.

Life drawing style adaption

Study of a shot of Jonathon Banks playing in 'Breaking Bad'

Jonathan Banks study

Shorter timed life drawing studies.

Life drawing studies

A life drawing of a nude woman.

Three hour study

Support me through my LinkedIn! I'm always gonna be looking around for work and I'm always down to chat about animation be you a pro, student or just someone interested in animation just hit me via LinkedIn or email!