Maria Robertson

Animation BDes (Hons)

Specialising in 3D Modelling and Animation. Has experience using software such as, Autodesk Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter and Adobe Photoshop.


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For the last year I have primarily been working on the short film, 'Knitman'. This was a group project I was a part of and from which I have gained many new skills in the 3D Animation pipeline. These include but are not limited to; animation, sculpting, hardsurface modelling, UV unwrapping and texturing. It has also been a great experience working along side other very talented and hard working students. 

For my personal projects my goal was to improve and explore my two chosen specialisms. For 3D Environment Art, I set out two very different briefs for myself. The first was a lush, stylized garden scene and the other was an exercise in realism; recreating my own living room. Though each scene needed a different approach, I feel like this really helped me get a better understanding of the different workflows people use to create 3D Environments. 

The animation briefs were more to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone as animation was something I had not a lot of experience with. However, it is something I really enjoyed doing and I knew that if I did enough research and practise I could push myself to excel in this area. I particularly liked character animation. I found being able to act through the characters really spoke to the hidden drama nerd inside me.

Garden Environment Day

3D environemnent of an overgrown stylized garden. Daytime

Garden Environment Night

3D environemnent of an overgrown stylized garden. Nighttime

Garden Concept Art

Concepts and designs of the Garden Environment project

Living room Scene

3D Environemnt of a livingroom with big bay windows looking towards the Tay river.

Animation Showreel

A collection of the animation shots I completed this year