Robert Cargill

Digital Interaction Design BSc (Hons)

An app that helps bring people together to play Dungeons and Dragons.


Legion is an App that helps players, first timers or veterans, find a group to play Dungeons and Dragons with. By creating a profile and identifying yourself as a player or Dungeon Master, you can curate your dream adventure party. Join a party solo if you would like to get yourself out there and meet new people, or join up with a group of your friends using the "Buddy" feature. Dungeons and Dragons has never been easier to organise with an integrated calendar, social feed for your party members, and even a campaign organiser so you can track multiple games at once!

Players can choose their preferred campaign setting, race/class combos and days they are available to play. Your profile is your key to finding the perfect adventure party! As a Dungeon Master, you will be able to curate and pick players that you would like to DM for using their profiles. Choose based on their preferences, experience or if they are a group of friends looking to play together. 

Create new friendships or rekindle old ones by forging memories through the magic of Tabletop Roleplaying and Dungeons and Dragons. Join the Legion today!

A phone displaying Legion's home feed with information about the current adventuring party, when the next session is scheduled and notifications. In the background there are typical Dungeons and Dragons accessories like a miniature figurine, players handbook, character sheet and polyhedral dice.