Peihang Yang

Jewellery & Metal Design BDes (Hons)

This collection is inspired by the fantasy and legend of mermaids, and I hope to express the dream and mystery of it through the form of jewellery.


Peihang Yang

This collection of jewellery is based on the legend of mermaids. During my early research, I investigated mermaid legends from different cultural backgrounds and developed collages to communicate my inspiration for mermaids. Especially in Chinese legends, the mermaid lives outside the South China Sea and their tears can be turned into pearls. Therefore the use of pearls is very popular in my work.

Besides, the different forms of fish and sea creatures are also key elements to make up my work. Due to the fictional nature of mermaids, the fish fins and tails are important parts to show the concept. And the marine creatures in the deep sea can remind people of the mystery of mermaids.

Regarding the materials, this collection is mainly made of recyclable silver and silver-plated copper. During my research, there is a meaningful article that inspired me to choose materials (Article: The Myth of Mermaid and Stewardship of The Sea). This article aimed to use the legend of the mermaid to address the environmental issues that exist between humans and the sea. This made me decide to use recyclable materials to promote awareness of ocean conservation.

Ear cuff

White earcuff

Double ring

double ring

Hair pin

Hair pin

Hair pin

Hair pin

Webbed hand

Webbed ring

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