Norbert Lawniczak

Illustration BDes (Hons)

Hello! I'm Norbert, an Illustrator and printmaker based in Scotland, Glasgow.



My work can be described as bold but with a hint of whimsical nature. I like to work with a strong sense of composition, visual metaphors, a striking message, and a pastel texture. I mainly work in the areas of; editorial illustrations, children’s book illustration, comic books/zines, character design and advertising. I strive to explore and understand identity and morality through my work, trying to condense big concepts into comprehensible bit-sized images.

“Wilbert” – Children’s Illustrated book – Front Cover

a foresty-looking front cover of a children's book with a stripy white tiger on the front

Picture book front cover. “Wilburt”. This is a children’s picture book that I wrote and illustrated, telling the story of Wilburt the white tiger who feels lonely. The story was inspired by a real-life fact; the little number of white tigers there are in the world are in captivity and bred for money rather than conservation. I was inspired by the children’s illustrated book “The missing piece” by Shel Silverstein, a highly acclaimed book about the myth of “someone making you whole” and how one must learn first how to move through life by themselves rather than having someone to fulfil you. Intrigued by this, I also decided to portray a complicated life lesson into a children’s illustrated book.

“Wilbert” – Children’s Illustrated book – Page Spread 1

a spread of two pages, a white stripy white tiger crying infront of a pond where two zebras are drinking water. the captions say "He folded his paws and gracefully would try to drink. But his company was not welcomed, he came to think."

“Willbert” – Children’s Illustrated book – Page Spread 2

a spread of two pages, a white stripy tiger is trying to impersonate three penguins while one of them is looking confused, the captions say "He waddled and sat, but he found that a cat wasn’t meant for that, so his copycat just fell flat. "

“Willbert” – Children’s Illustrated book – Page Spread 3

a spread of two pages, a white stripy tiger is walking towards a forest while crying, the captions say "But suddenly towards the night, he found a pond that felt just right. He stared and stared, and started to notice, his reflection changed, and an idea came into focus."

“Diary of A Young Naturalist” – Adult Non-Fiction – Front Cover

a frontcover of a book, two blackbirds looking at each over with leaves between them.

This is a book cover I created for the book of “The Diary of a Young Naturalist” by Dara McAnulty, as this was part of Penguin’s books “cover design competition 2022”. I was inspired by the author’s fairy tale-like storytelling and his love for birds, especially the blackbird. The book cover was also subtle inspired by my love for ravens being extremely clever animals, so I decided to create a subtle whimsical characteristic to the bird illustrations.

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